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Get into Digital Marketing with Response Network’s Top Tips!

  If you’re looking to break into the digital marketing industry, there’s no better time than now. According to the government, the digital economy is growing 10 times faster than the traditional economy resulting in skills gaps in the industry. In order to help you on your career path, we have compiled our top tips for…

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Five years for two working mums!

Look how far we’ve come… I remember meeting Dee in a coffee shop in Winter 2010 we were both heavily pregnant at the time, me with my second baby and Dee with her first. Dee wanted to talk to me about leaving our current employer (who we loved working for but as the business had…

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Five secrets to getting the most out of your recruitment agency

  When thinking about the experience of using recruitment agencies, do either of these quotes sound familiar? ‘They said they were going to call me – but they haven’t.’ ‘I sent my CV for that job and I’ve heard nothing.’ If you haven’t made these complaints about a recruitment agency at some point, it is…

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Groundbreaking Digital Marketing Trends that Impact your Business

There are tons of digital marketing trends and tactics that are constantly evolving and attempting to change the face of the digital landscape around us. Business owners need to be aware of these digital marketing trends and must be able to use them to their benefit. It is vital to understand where your target audience is, how to effectively…

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How ‘Competent’ are you in Interviews?

It may be some time since you went for a job interview – can you remember what happened? What ‘type’ of interview was it? Did you even know there were different ways to interview? Well fear not – Response Network is here to help you! So lets answer the basics…more and more businesses are conducting…

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