Digital Transformation: From ‘Digital Silos’ to Integrated teams




For some time, there has been talk of a need for a ‘post digital marketing’ world where the use of digital media and technology in marketing has become so ubiquitous we no longer complete separate “digital marketing activities”. This thinking is partly driven by changes in consumer media consumption where they continue to consume content in different formats without consciously thinking about which devices or channels. The ‘post-digital’ thinking is also driven by problems of managing marketing activities in a business where a common problem with upskilling in digital is that ‘digital silos’ are created where different parts of marketing and their agencies don’t communicate effectively giving rise to campaigns that don’t work across media.

For example, according to an interview with TFM, HSBC global head of marketing for commercial banking and global banking and markets, Amanda Rendle, has said she has banned the word ‘digital’ to encourage her team to think beyond organisational silos. Rendle says:

“We need to go back to what marketing is, and the product is marketing. More people need to remember that, get off the drug of digital being something separate and get back to what we do best”.

She says the types of roles she is looking for might end up being called customer engineers or customer journey engineers. A key problem for HSBC, she says, is that it has an abundance of insights on customers but having staff to translate that into actions is a hindrance.

“We need customer insight roles where their job is insight but it’s also about looking at what do those insights really mean? You have so much insight now but can you tell me what we need to do? How do you take all that and turn it into something really useful for our customer? That’s what we absolutely should be doing.”

Our lives ARE digital and to talk about digital as a separate entity shows a lack of understanding. By joining up the marketing shows a more flexible, responsive and efficient way to do business. This is certainly the way we should be heading in future, but it’s a long way from the reality for many businesses who are only just starting to get to grips with digital marketing.

When we talk to businesses and we ask businesses to rate their digital capabilities we find that many are an early stage of adopting digital marketing techniques. The good news is that fresh ideas can be found everywhere and Response Network can help you define and find your next marketing role, including the digital element.

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