Five years for two working mums!


Look how far we’ve come…

I remember meeting Dee in a coffee shop in Winter 2010 we were both heavily pregnant at the time, me with my second baby and Dee with her first. Dee wanted to talk to me about leaving our current employer (who we loved working for but as the business had been sold on it was just not the same place anymore) and starting up on our own. “Are you completely mad?” I said to her “How are we going to do it with 3 young kids and mortgages to pay?” “We’ll be fine. Let’s do it” was her reply!

That was 5 years ago and since then Response has gone from strength to strength. Starting with us working from home initially, to then having a virtual office in the city centre before moving to Aspect Business Centre a few years ago. Literally having no website/marketing collateral/any form of CRM at all and sitting in a pub writing our ideas down on a beer mat! We started with zero clients, growing our base over the last 5 years to the mix of clients we have today which include innovative, growing and award winning businesses and meeting some amazing people along the way.

There have been times (especially when my youngest daughter Esme was having a paddy, whilst I was trying to talk to a new and very senior client on the telephone) when I wondered what on earth I was doing.  So, the journey has definitely not been an easy one but I have to say it’s been completely worth it and 5 years on we wouldn’t change a thing (well almost!).

What will the future hold?

We have definitely seen the recruitment industry change in the last 5 years, we started Response in the middle of a recession and so we had more candidates than we had jobs. Now, its candidates that are becoming harder and harder to find and recruitment is now moving into a digital age. We are now working hard to make sure that we are at the forefront of this change and are investing in new software and tools as well as a forming our marketing and social media strategy.

Obviously with me being naturally pessimistic (-in Dee’s words) – I would actually say I am a realist….. and Dee being forever the optimist, decision making hasn’t always been the easiest and we are forever saying we wish we had a crystal ball…  Despite this – We are proud of ourselves and what we have achieved and we are extremely grateful for the loyal support of our office Superhero – Ryan (he had wanted us to describe him as the eye candy in the office).  Thanks also to Alex with the loud laugh – the work experience boy – the graduate, for your help over the last couple of months.

We hope that we continue to see the strength and success we have already achieved over the next 5 years.

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