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Over the last few years the way Recruiters go about recruitment has changed in numerous ways. The process of recruitment is much quicker and it is such a competitive market. The overall job market has changed, meaning there may seem to be less Candidates and more jobs pushing Employers out of the driving seat and giving Candidates full control over their own destiny (quite rightly so from the Candidates perspective). There was a time when there were fewer Jobs available and Candidates were infinite which gave the Employer the upper hand, they could be picky in terms of experience and they very rarely had to compromise in terms of the essential requirements needed for the role. We are not saying that you can no longer be picky, however, (role dependent) you may need to be slightly more open minded – possibly regarding salary, years of experience or there might be a couple of things on the essentials list that are actually trainable if CV’s are not hitting the exact mark.


Sluggish Process…

We cannot stress enough to our Clients/ Potential Clients or even Users of other agencies the importance of a fast turnaround in the current job market. Although you, as an Employer shouldn’t rush and make irrational decisions which could effect your company as well as the fact that if things don’t work out you will still be in the same boat in desperate need of a Candidate to bring in and help manage the workload. But while you are spending time deliberating, somebody else could recruit that perfect candidate within their Company – meaning back to square one for you and your Recruiters.


What the Candidate Thinks…

In a 2015 Survey, 74% of Candidates stated the importance of regular communication with potential employers and agencies.

As the market has changed you have to keep your Candidates ‘warm’.


  • So you do not give them the wrong impression – (Sometimes no news is bad news)
  • So they remember you and your Company (On Average 1/3 interviews a candidate attends ends up in an offer – Candidates will have also applied for other roles in the time three interviews take to be arranged)
  • So they like the productivity of the company – If you get back to the Candidate promptly they will think “Hey these guys are efficient, I can see myself working with them”
  • And finally because you need them! After all you wouldn’t be looking unless you needed the position filled, would you?


If you receive a great application why sit on it? You want your candidates ‘hot’, not luke warm and uninterested! There are plenty of roles out there and if the candidate is committed to finding a new role, they will find one, whether it is working for you or not. If your processes are lengthier than others, what is to say by the time you come to contacting them, arranging an interview or even offering a position that the candidate would not have already secured a different role with a different Company?


As an added note, a lack of communication would not promote your company in the best light. Leaving it weeks to get in contact with a candidate suggests that you’re not on top of things or have others things going on and your Employees aren’t one of your biggest priorities. Is this really the impression you want to give to the potential future employees of your business?


Just think of all the potential talent you could be missing out on by not simplifying your recruitment processes now I ask you which is a better risk to take? Jumping at a candidate too soon or leaving it to long…? Either way using an Agency like ourselves you have the security and support of ensuring the candidates put forward have the capabilities of the job role and also if they leave within the first three months, you will have your Full money back * or we will find you a free replacement. Help yourself by getting Response Network involved in your recruitment process for a simple and transitional placement.



* Depending on your fee option.

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