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Digital Marketing – an Industry that Never Slows Down PART ONE!

Happy New 2017. As the end of the first month approaches did you manage do devise a strategy for digital marketing to stay ahead of the game? Well as you know the digital marketing industry never slows down. The growth channels, marketing strategies and customer acquisition tactics are constantly evolving. The steady rise of social web has given birth to several new channels and formats to reach out to the target audience, so here are a few to bear in mind for the next revision of your strategy.

Although the basics of marketing remain the same – creating a unique message, understanding your target audience, knowing where they hang out – a marketer has to constantly acquire new skills to learn and understand the consumption patterns that keep evolving over time. Here are three growth channels to watch out for in 2017:

• Harness the power of Snapchat’s custom geofilter capabilities
Snapchat still remains one of the most effective channels for brands to connect directly with consumers in real and creative ways.

A Snapchat geofilter is an image that overlays a Snapchat image or video. The overlay filter can have a company message or logo, and when used, provides an opportunity for an exponential amount of Snapchatters to be exposed to your company. The real opportunity lies in the fact that geofilters are still in their infancy, and early adopters can reap the benefits of a network of one hundred and fifty million daily active users and over ten billion video views. Additionally, most brands have not yet figured out how to use geofilters in an effective way, which leaves even more opportunity for the right minded marketers to use other brands followings by creating geofilters with their company name, and promoting them during competitor events.

• Video will be a phenomenal growth channel for 2017
2017 will see the explosion of video content on tiny mobile. It’s raining videos everywhere, from Facebook news-feeds to family groups on WhatsApp. With 4G expected to become the norm, we’ll be getting a lot more videos in our news-feeds.
With eye balls migrating to tiny mobile screens and time spent on social rising by the year, video will be a phenomenal growth channel for 2017.

• Behavior-based email marketing
Digital marketing in 2017 is all about segmentation & behaviour based email marketing. As consumers subscribe to more brands online, the volume of emails hitting their inboxes has only gone up in the past one year. This has resulted in higher unsubscribe rates and lower open rates. Consumers will not pay attention to your email if it is not useful for. The best way to get around this would be to segment your email list based on consumers’ behaviour and send customised emails that are targeted to specific sets of customers.

In our next blog we will cover four more growth channels you should watch out for. In the meantime, if your business is short in the Marketing Team and needs to recruit somebody to execute your Marketing Strategy, or even devise your Marketing Strategy, we are here to help. Or perhaps you are in Marketing already, looking for a new digital marketing role, contact us on 0115 856 1082. Email: info@responsenetwork.co.uk Website: www.responsenetwork.co.uk

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